Youth Certificates

A great choice for low-risk investments for young members.

Opening Deposit


Avoid Fees

Leave funds in certificate until term ends.


Members 17 and under.

Add to the Certificate

Additional deposits of at least $25 anytime.

Earn Dividends

Longer terms yield higher dividend rates.

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  • TermAnnual Rate Annual % Yield
  • Term:

    12 months

    Annual Rate:


    Annual % Yield:


Rates effective as of December 17, 2018
Available to members 17 and under. Minimum to open is $100. Additional deposits of $25 or more may be made any time.

Dividends are credited and compounded quarterly.

Youth Savings Account

Start a savings account for a member 17 and under. See account details.

Your savings are insured.

The National Credit Union Administration, a US Government agency, insures SCU deposits up to $250,000, per individual depositor.

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