Convenient Banking

May 14, 2020

Life as we know it has changed in recent weeks.  During these uncertain times, businesses had to rethink how to offer products to their customers and we are no exception. 

Most members know they can use our ATMs, Telephone Teller and Drive-Thru services.  But in addition to these services, did you know the majority of your banking transactions can be performed in a contactless manner?  Whether on our website or our mobile banking app, SCU allows members to enjoy full-service banking from the comfort of home including:

  1. All loan processes from start to finish - including applying for a loan, electronically signing loan documents, receiving funds and even some DMV paperwork.

  2. All account processes - including opening additional accounts, closing and maintaining your accounts.

  3. All account activity - including depositing checks, reviewing your balance, paying bills, transferring funds, and stop payments with our mobile banking app.

  4. All card activity and processes - including applying for a new credit card, ATM and Debit card disputes, ordering a new ATM or Debit card, balance transfers to your SCU credit card and maintaining your card(s).

  5. Other important services such as travel notifications, a new "Join Online" option for your family and friends, external loan payments, Pop Money to pay other people, a points redemption form and much more.

We encourage you to stay safe, wash your hands and try our convenient banking from the comfort of your home today!

Questions?  Call us at 800-868-8740.  We are happy to assist you!

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