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Should You Opt In?Should you opt-in? Make the right overdraft decision for you.
Make the right overdraft decision for you.

Federal regulations require you to "Opt-In" to have Courtesy Pay overdraft protection for your ATM card and debit card purchases.

Otherwise, if you use your SCU debit card to make a purchase but your checking account does not have enough money, your card will be denied.
  You can choose to continue overdraft protection for your ATM and debit card purchases simply by letting us know.

There's no cost to opt-in and you only pay a fee if you use the service.

To learn more about the new regulations, watch our video below.

      It's easy to Opt-In. Just click here for a secure online Opt-In form.  The form will provide more details about fees associated with Courtesy Pay and about other, less expensive options for overdraft protection, too.

Courtesy Pay will continue to cover any unexpected overdrafts on your checks and automated payments without any action from you.

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