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  Recent federal regulation changes directly effect your IRA rollover.       Read the Amendments below:

  Traditional IRA
  Roth IRA
Coverdell Education Savings 

"Retirement Central" can simplify your decisions

Opening an Individual Retirement Account may seem like a daunting task.  Our special IRA center called Retirement Central can help you plan for retirement, learn about your IRA eligibility and understand retirement plan options. It includes guidelines for tax deductible contributions and helpful calculators.You can even start the account opening process or contact an IRA specialist via e-mail.  
View our IRA brochures here:

Procrastination is a bad choice

The sooner you get started, the sooner you put time and the power of compounding on your side.  State Credit Union offers many IRA plans: Traditional, Roth, Education or SEP. Within those plans, you can invest in an IRA Savings account for complete liquidity or IRA certificates or both. IRA certificates have the same features as regular certificates on terms of 12 months or longer, including the bump-up feature.

Here are some tips from our IRA specialists on how to get started:
  • If you can contribute only a small amount now, open an IRA Savings account.  It can serve as an accumulation account until your funds grow to the minimum for investment in an IRA certificate.
  • Set an annual goal for your IRA contributions and ask us to help you set up payroll deductions to meet it.  It provides the discipline with less pain.
  • If you get a tax refund, use it to open your IRA.  (You may also be able to reduce your withholding and apply the savings each month to your IRA.)
  • If you are changing jobs or are faced with job loss, don't make the mistake of cashing out your 401K for fear that you will need the funds.  You could lose up to half of your distribution to taxes and penalties. You can make a direct rollover to an SCU IRA to secure your retirement savings and still have money available if needed for an emergency.
  • You can feel secure in knowing your IRA deposits are insured for up to $250,000, separate from your other SCU accounts, by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the United States Government.  Learn more about NCUA insurance and how it protects your funds

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