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Repay Monthly Service Charges
with Relationship Rewards points. Simply redeem for a cash deposit into your checking account.


Checking Accounts

A Variety of Plans and Benefits

Each personal State Credit Union checking account comes with the following benefits:
  • Checks provided upon request at cost (printing and shipping)
  • Open any account with just $25.
  • Relationship account gets first check order free!
  • Loyalty and Relationship accounts receive free traveler's checks, free official checks, .25% APR CD bump-up rate and .25% APR loan discount*.  

    *Discount may not reduce the APR of any loan lower than the "floor" which is the lowest APR for that loan as determined by State Credit Union.  Only one discount per loan may be used.

  • Loyalty, First and Relationship accounts earn generous  My Rewards points
  • Loyalty, First and Relationship accounts also earn interest (dividends) on balances over $2,500.

 Account Type Service Charge  To Avoid Service Charge

 Loyalty Checking
 Related FAQs here


 Be an SCU member for 25 years or more.
 First Checking
 Related FAQs here

None  Be an SCU member over age 15 and under age 31.
 Debit card, SCU Online banking and eStatements required.
 Relationship Checking
 Related FAQs here

$10 monthly

 Conduct 20 or more signature debit transactions per account per month
 Have combined average monthly balance of $2,500 in deposit accounts
 Have combined average monthly balance of $15,000 in loans and/or
 credit card

 Value Checking

A direct deposit must be established into the Value Checking. This account does not earn debit rewards.

Existing SCU Checking Accounts changed to these new types on November 15, 2012. Click here for related FAQs. 

Club Checking
Clubs and organizations with their own Tax ID or EIN may open a Club Checking account with the following features:
  • Earns interest (dividends) on balances over $2,500
  • Checks provided upon request at cost (printing and shipping)
  • If applicable, the fee will be charged on the last day of the month
Existing SCU Club Accounts changed to this new type on July 1.  Click here for related FAQs.

Loyalty Checking FAQs

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First Checking FAQs

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Relationship Checking FAQs

If my account becomes subject to a service charge, when will the charge be applied?

How can I get an idea of whether I will avoid charges on a Relationship Checking account?

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